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My favorites resources on simple, healthy living all in one place.

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Central Texas Practitioners, Healers and Coaches I have used and recommend

Healthy Shopping


  • Daily Harvest - Delicious soups, smoothies and flatbread made with organic fruits and vegetables with one step prep. 

  • Green Chef - Nutritious, organic meal delivery service. Prep required.

  • Thrive Market -  healthy food with great prices delivered to your door. Shop by diet keto, vegan,gluten free (annual membership fee).

  • Foodbabe - What is in your FDA approved food?

  • Paleo Valley - Whole food nutrient rich snacks a supplements. No fillers. Coupon Code here.

Coffee & Tea


It's important to drink organic mold-free tested coffee and tea. Brew and drink in stainless steel or glass. Do not drink hot liquids out of plastic or brewed in plastic Keurig or metal Nespresso pods.


* I am a sales affiliate for these companies 

Supplements and Natural Remedies

* I am a sales affiliate for these companies 

Misc. Health Resources
Healing Programs
Dental Care

Health begins in the mouth. I recommend using biological dentists only. They recognize dental health plays a big part in overall health and systemic inflammation. Research before choosing a dentist and moving forward with a treatment plan.


These labs do not require a doctor's referral. 

EWG Guide to Clean Living


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