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My favorites resources on simple, healthy living all in one place.




  • Weston A Price - Health and Nutrition

  • James Clear - Building Good Habits

  • Dr. Josh Axe - Health and Nutrition

  • John Amaral - Energy Healing

  • Dr. Joe Dispenza - Epigenetics, Quantum Physics and Neuroscience. Thoughts create healing.

  • Shira Gill - Organize your House, Organize your Brain

  • Dr. Michelle Young - Holistic  Pediatrician

  • Foodbabe - Food Label Investigator

  • Zach Bush - Transforming Health Starting with Soil

  • Provo Health - Oxygen, Ozone and Nutrition

  • Dr Isabella Wentz - Hashimotos and Thyroid Support

  • Red Kite Meditations - Lyme Recovery Blog

  • Live Disease Free - MS Recovery

  • Healing Cave Lady - Detox and Lymph 

  • Melissa Wood Health - Movement and Meditations for All Levels $10/month

  • Yoga with Adriene - Free Online Yoga

Instagram Accounts

  • Connealymd - Cancer Doctor

  • Detox Jen - Parasites and Cleansing

  • Frolic and Flow - Hashimotos and Overall Health

  • Carlyloveskale - Cancer Treatments and Overall Health

  • Wellthybelly - Lyme and Overall Health

  • Healing Cave Lady - Detox and Lymph Drainage

  • Gutsy Mom - Nutrition and Overall Health

  • Doctor G - Integrative Oncology

  • Blogget - Holistic Dentistry

  • Dr. Zach Bush - Science in Nature

  • Dr. Mark Hyman - Food is Medicine

  • Dr. David Perlmutter  - Brain Health

  • Dr. Jess - Bind Kill Sweat Detoxification

  • Ben Lynch - Genes and Root Cause Health 

Central Texas Practitioners, Healers and Coaches
I have used and recommend

  • Dr. Allie Day Goodwin - Chiro

  • Dr Summer - Chiro, RN, Cranial Sacral, FSM

  • Dr Jason Albracht - Nutritional Support Testing

  • Dr. Nina Davis - Cranial Sacral, Lymph

  • Neuro Nutrition- Pediatric Functional Medicine

  • Flow Wellness ATX - Massage

  • Radiance Health Center Westlake - Colonics and Ozone Therapy

  • Alchemy Juice - Organic juice Delivery

  • Modern Acupuncture

Healthy Shopping

  • Daily Harvest - Delicious soups, smoothies and flatbread made with organic fruits and vegetables with one step prep. 

  • Green Chef - Nutritious, organic meal delivery service. Prep required.

  • Thrive Market -  healthy food with great prices delivered to your door. Shop by diet keto, vegan,gluten free (annual membership fee).

  • Foodbabe - What is in your FDA approved food?

  • Paleo Valley - Whole food nutrient rich snacks a supplements. No fillers. Coupon Code here.

Home Testing
  • Water Tester

  • What is Your City Tap Water Quality?

  • EMF Tester

  • Leak / Moisture Detector

  • Air Quality Tester 

Coffee & Tea

It's important to drink organic mold-free tested coffee and tea. Brew and drink in stainless steel or glass. Do not drink hot liquids out of plastic or brewed in plastic Keurig or metal Nespresso pods.​

  • Purity Coffee

  • Dandy Blend  (Coffee Alternative)

  • Pique Tea

  • Organic Tea Selection 

  • Laird's Superfood - Coffee, Creamers and Electrolytes

Self Healing Methods I use in my home


  • Clearlight Sauna

  • Vibration Plate by LifePro

  • Joovv Red Light Therapy

  • Water Filter

  • Air Filter

  • Rebounder

  • Frequency Therapy*

  • TRS Zeolite Spray*

  • Magnesium Bath

  • Ionic Foot Bath

  • Essential Oils*

  • Weighted Blanket

  • Oura ring

  • Renpho 

  • Somavedic EMF Mitigation​​

* I am a sales affiliate for these companies 

Supplements and Natural Remedies

Misc. Health Resources

Healing Programs
  • CLF Protocol - Key components to wellness Calcification, Lipofuscin, Fibrosis, 

  • Nemechek Protocol - Autonomic Nervous System Reset

  • Carly Brown Wellness Detox Program

  • Dr Jill Crista - Mold Detoxification

  • Dental Care

Health begins in the mouth. I recommend using biological dentists only. They recognize dental health plays a big part in overall health and systemic inflammation. Research before choosing a dentist and moving forward with a treatment plan.​


  • Biological Dentist Directory  

  • Dr. Owens - My dentist in TX. Highly recommend! 

  • Dr. Blodgett - Portland, OR 


These labs do not require a doctor's referral. 


  • Everywell - At home tests. Female owned lab

  • Dr Jocker's Lab Testing

  • Balanced Health

  • Viome - Gut health and food sensitivities

  • Provo Health Blood Analysis

  • Epigenetics Hair Analysis by Cell Well Being

  • Trace Elements Hair Analysis  - Minerals and toxic metals

EWG Guide to Clean Living


All content on this page, website, and any affiliated resources is for informational and educational purposes only. It is not intended to provide medical advice or to take the place of treatment from a physician. Neither Kim Marable, her team, Kim Marable LLC, nor the publisher of this content takes responsibility for the health consequences of any person or persons reading or following the information in this educational content. All readers and viewers should consult their doctors or qualified health professionals before making any nutrition, supplement, medication, or other health changes and/or with specific health questions.

NO information on this page or website should be used to diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure any disease or condition.

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