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My mission is to help you
take charge of your health and happiness.

No one will care for you the way you care for yourself. I am here to offer support and guidance to help you navigate optimal health and manage your thoughts through several modalities including frequency therapy, breathwork and coaching.


If you are looking for guidance towards a lifestyle that keeps you moving forward, you're in the right place. 


 Hey there, I'm Kim Marable

I'm a holistic health coach, mom of 2 teenagers, wife, and lover of authentic living.  After a long entrepreneurial career in importing and manufacturing, I sold my business to become a health guide for others. I've healed myself from chronic illness and auto-immune disease and it has become my passion to help others do the same. I specialize in the mind-body connection and detoxification strategies.

Our healthcare system is not set up for effective treatment of chronic illness. Do you want a trusted coach on your side to help you navigate your own health and healing path?

My mission is to empower and educate people to trust their bodies, connect to their spirit, and to learn to eliminate their toxic burden to help heal themselves and their families.


See what my clients say about working with me.

Your path to a healthy, simplified life

begins here.



“I would love to live a healthier life, but I feel so overwhelmed"...

Or "I don’t really know where to start. There is too much conflicting information out there.” Or how about “I try to be healthy but I usually hit a wall after a few weeks and feel bad about myself for giving up, so it’s just not worth it.”

How would it feel to live a life full of energy and purpose? There may be chaos around you but you are able to feel centered and calm. You have reserves built up for the emotional and physical demands we go through on a daily basis. You are able to experience your life and health in a whole new way where you are in control instead of your circumstances controlling you.

Your healing journey begins here & now.


B+ Coaching Method

The B+ Method is a flexible-style coaching program, utilizing simple health hacks (that take 5 minutes a day, or less!) that are designed to help you gain momentum in your health goals and lose the perfectionist thoughts. Ready to transform your health, wealth and happiness?

When you learn how to harness your own energy to heal, it becomes the most effective and successful way to overcome chronic illness.
I offer two types of energy healing:


Treatments can be used on a wide range of symptoms including complex chronic conditions such as fibromyalgia, Lyme, arthritis, insomnia, skin issues and overall immune health. 


Breathwork is an active, efficient, effective technique that will allow you to disconnect from the mind, enter a different state of consciousness, and bring you to a deeper state of connection, peace and love.

Today is the day...

Are you ready to get started
on your path to feel better?


Schedule your complimentary 15 minute call to get started and discuss first steps. 

Thank you!

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