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What Clients are saying...

My experience with Kim has been very nurturing and educational. Through working with Kim I have made progress where therapy and acupuncture did not work completely! Kim is extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of human nature, diets and all round health. She gives suggestions on different approaches to an problem and gives valuable homework, both articles or books to read and exercises to try. Her research on an issue is through and her expertise is impressive. Kim's calm and positive nature make me feel hopeful for my future where I can gracefully manage any health or emotional issues that I may face. Thank you Kim for all the support and help you have given me over the last few years!   


-Faith J.

Kim is incredibly knowledgeable about all aspects of health; spiritual, physical, and emotional.  To be truly healthy, one must work on all three areas.  Kim knows the intricacies of detox pathways and where pain and trauma may be hidden in the body and works with these pathways and energetic blocks to bring about complete healing.  Working with her was a very easy decision; she gives me insights that are so helpful and much needed.  I appreciate how deeply she dives into information to help me find the answers to my particular health concerns.  As a chiropractor and an acupuncturist who encourages her patients to take personal responsibility for their own health, Kim provides me with the encouragement and accountability to do the same with my own. 


-Dr. Allie Day Goodwin, D.C., Dipl.Ac.

Kim Marable is the perfect person for your physical and mental healing needs. Her knowledge combined with nurturing patience gets results. She’s a motivator and I’m truly grateful to have her in my life. 


-Rory G.

Kim has been an incredible support on my healing journey, helping me navigate different modalities that will best support me and guiding me through tools like breathwork to achieve healing on all levels. She's empowered me as my own best healer and given me hope at every up and down - I am forever grateful, thank you Kim!


-Mara O.

I am a seasoned (old) runner recently experiencing pain in back, hips, and knees causing me to consider giving up running (which I love). Kim is keeping me on the road using frequency therapy to help control pain. She is also a source of expert knowledge on overall wellness. Very professional practitioner.


-Bob O.

Kim has been a source of healing, growth and positivity in my life. My breathwork sessions with her are truly transformative, allowing me to achieve a deeper state of meditation than I've been able to on my own. She has such a caring and supportive way about her, helping me process and integrate what I experience in these sessions into my daily life. I look forward to every session because I know that she will create the space for me to experience whatever it is I need in that moment and I will be lighter and brighter in the wake of it. Time with Kim has become a vital part of my overall approach to health and wellness and I'm grateful for her presence in my life.  


-Miranda M.

I have known Kim for several years and always have known her as a kind, generous, and caring person. When she learned that I have been in some pain with hip bursitis, she offered treatment with a frequency device. That morning my hip had been especially painful, but by afternoon, after her noon treatment, the inflammation was reduced as was the pain. I have the highest regard for Kim and her integrity.


 -Charles B.

Over several years Kim's vast knowledge of health and wellness has supported my journey to whole body wellness.  As a mentor and health coach she attends deeply to each client's unique needs and challenges to create a strategy that connects daily living to achieving health goals.  After years of struggling with chronic issues that were never resolved by visits to the family doctor or specialists I feel stronger and healthier than ever after employing the effective and non-invasive treatments suggested by Kim. Once we got started, these methods were implemented easily and naturally, founded in the idea of using food as medicine, breathwork, and strategies to create a healthier living environment.  Kim's positive demeanor and readiness to work at the client's pace inspired me to take charge of my own path to health with her consistent guidance and support.

-Amy I.

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