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The B+ Coaching Method

Create a massive transformation in your life through 1:1 coaching, education and making small changes to your habits. Changing your life does not have to be hard – it's all about intentional thinking and consistency.


⟡ 6 months 

⟡ 1:1 attention

⟡Weekly coaching calls covering daily habits, intentional thinking, detoxification strategies, rebalancing through bioresonance, and so much more! 

⟡ Limited spots available 

The B+ Coaching method is a 6 month coaching program made up of simple health hacks designed to help you gain momentum and lose the perfectionist thoughts so you sustain momentum and get lasting results . We are not looking for A+. It slows us down and causes too much self-critical thinking. Are your actions getting you close enough to your goals? Then call it good. Keep on movin!

Simplified Health Coaching

Our healthcare system is broken. According to the CDC, the USA spends 3.5 trillion dollars on healthcare annually. That is trillion with a t. Included in that figure is 3.25 billion on prescription drugs. Yet despite these numbers, the disease statistics are higher than ever. Six in 10 American adults now suffer from chronic disease and almost 30 percent of kids now have a chronic disease. 

Let's start by getting to the root of health problems.


⟡ One hour sessions
⟡ Calls are facilitated over Zoom or in office

My health and wellness coaching is customized to best fit my clients and their needs. Whether you have a current health issue or are just trying to maintain a healthy life, I can be your health guide advocate. My main goal with all my clients, whether it's health coaching, breathwork, energy work, or all three, is that they become invested in their own healing. I like to meet every week for 1 hour and discuss what is happening mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually (energetically).  I send articles and podcasts to read and after guidance and discussion the clients intuitively decide what sounds like the right next step for them. They have all the power. My focus is detoxification and mitochondrial function with many healthy habits that take 5 minutes or less and how to roll them into your day with ease. 

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