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Uses a combination of physical techniques and prayer/meditation practices to activate your body’s natural healing centers in order to identify and heal negative cellular memories that shut down your immune system and keep you from optimal health. 


⟡ 1:1 Session

⟡ 1 hour session

I am a certified Reiki Master practitioner.  Reiki pairs wonderfully into a holistic program or as stand-alone treatments for healing. Reiki is so wonderful because it activates the natural healing processes of the patient's body to restore physical and emotional well-being.  As a vital , high-vibrancy healing energy, reiki is safe, effective & gentle to use on people of all ages, and with all medical conditions.  Reiki is as a powerful energy healing modality, much like acupuncture, without the needles.  

 The word "reiki" literally means Universal Energy.  It is this energy we tap into that is used to heal, and it's administered via a hands-on approach or through distance healing.  They are both equally as effective. Reiki is an intelligent energy that purifies and cleanses the chakras & energetic aura , working on the body in areas where it is needed most. Reiki is not just used by energy healers, it’s used in over 60 top hospitals including Mayo Clinic, Johns Hopkins, Cleveland Clinic and UCLA Medical Hospital.


⟡ 1:1 Session

⟡ 1 hour session

⟡ 20 minutes is active breathing

⟡ In person or through Zoom

Breathwork is a simple yet profound, three-part, breathing technique that originates from pranayama yoga. Unlike meditation, where we are aware of the mental chatter, Breathwork is an active, efficient, effective technique that will allow you to disconnect from the mind, enter a different state of consciousness, and bring you to a deeper state of connection, peace and love.

Breathwork is for you if you are looking to:

  • Reduce stress or tension

  • Create feelings of openness, love, peace, and gratitude, clarity, and connection

  • Release of mental, physical and emotional blocks

  • Release of anxiety, depression, fear, grief and/or anger

  • Access to unconscious memories relevant to your physical healing

  • Deeper states of consciousness and inspiration

  • Clear thoughts and visions about your work, finances, relationships and health

Frequency Therapy with Microcurrent Device

⟡ 1:1 Session

⟡ 1.5 hour treatment

Microcurrent frequency devices have been around for decades and have been used as an effective tool for healing. This therapy uses a highly specialized device to deliver painless electrical currents (one-millionth of an ampere) to painful and injured tissues.  The tiny currents are similar to those already produced in the cells of the body.  Depending on the frequency (hertz) used, the current resonates with different cells and stimulates the production of cellular energy (ATP), endorphin release, and the reduction of inflammatory mediators.


The device I use is a new bioresonance device made in Germany; it is an FDA approved class 2A frequency device. Frequencies are able to go much deeper into the cell than a tens unit machine. It  helps clients restore and rebalance the cells in their body and mind. 


Treatments can be used on a wide range of symptoms including complex chronic conditions such as fibromyalgia, Lyme, arthritis, sleep problems, skin issues and overall immune health. 

3 options available:

Schedule a 1.5 hour treatment ($150)

Rent a device from me for $150 /week (2-week minimum)

Purchase your own device via


Simplified Health Coaching

Our healthcare system is broken. According to the CDC, the USA spends 3.5 trillion dollars on healthcare annually. That is trillion with a t. Included in that figure is 3.25 billion on prescription drugs. Yet despite these numbers, the disease statistics are higher than ever. Six in 10 American adults now suffer from chronic disease and almost 30 percent of kids now have a chronic disease. 


⟡ One hour sessions
⟡ Calls are facilitated over Zoom or in office 

My health and wellness coaching is customized to best fit my clients and their needs. Whether you have a current health issue or are just trying to maintain a healthy life, I can be your health guide advocate. My main goal with all my clients, whether it's health coaching, breathwork, energy work, or all three, is that they become invested in their own healing. I like to meet every 1 to 2 weeks for 1 hour and discuss what is happening mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually (energetically).  I send articles and podcasts to read and after guidance and discussion the clients intuitively decide what sounds like the right next step for them. They have all the power. My focus is detoxification and mitochondrial function with many healthy habits that take 5 minutes or less and how to roll them into your day with ease. 

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